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Projects' record

A - under construction, B - completed, C - competition, P - planning stage



  • Wandle Housing, London, SW18, for MGA (C)

  • House, 53 Oakley Street, Chelsea, for MGA/SCI (B)

  • House, Ladbroke Grove, W11, for Geordie Greig (P)

  • House, St Quentins Avenue, W10, for Georgia Masters and Eitan Arruzi (B)

  • Kingsgate House, Chelsea, for MGA/SCI (P)



  • New house, Aubrey Walk, W8, for Nicholas Hill esq (P)

  • New house, Kensington Square, for MGA (P)

  • New crescent of 22 houses, Camden Town, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • New House, 19 Mossop St, SW3, for MGA (B)

  • House Conversion, 12 Dorncliffe Road SW6, for Mr Donal O'Brien (B)

  • House Conversion, 34 Royal Crescent W11, for Drs. Bloom (B)

  • Bank reconstruction and extension, Albermarle Street, Mayfair, for Fraser House Plc (P)

  • Shop and flats, Abingdon Road, W8, for Nicholas Hill (P)

  • New houses, Bramley Road, W10, for Nicholas Hill (P)




  • House conversion, Kensington, W8, for Ross Koller (B)

  • House conversion, 12 Oakley St, SW3, for  MGA (B)

  • Lechlade Manor Development Plan, for the Governors and Committee, St Clotilde School (P)

  • Flats, 97 Gloucester Place, W1, for Allied Godwin  Developments Ltd (P)

  • 13 flats, Strathmore Gardens, W8, for Allied Godwin Developments Ltd (B)

  • Library, Quenington, the Cotswalds, for David and Lucy Abel Smith (B)



  • Stoa, Hotel complex, Jerusalem, drawings for Consultant Karmi Architects (P)

  • Financial Times Millennium Bridge, for FT/RIBA (C)

  • Private Residence, Northumberland Place, W2, for Hugh Fraser (P)

  • The first "EAT" Food retail outlet, Villiers St, for MacArthur, Wakefield Ltd (P)

  • Private Residence,  Ladbroke Terrace, W11, for Sean Gorvy esq (B)



  • New house, Mill Hill, for R and M Borchard (P)

  • House, Lansdowne Rd, W11, for the hon S. Lea (P)

  • New terrace of 3 houses, Edwardes Square, for Gaynesford Properties (P)

  • 17 Houses, Putney, for MGA/SCI (C)

  • Pocklington School Competition, with John Melvin Associates (C)

  • House modernisation, Chelsea, for MGA/SCI (B)

  • Penguin Cafe, Orchestra Studio and Residence, Holland Park, London, with Robert Griffin,  for A. Jeffes Estate Trustees (P)

  • The Big House, Bargemon, France, for MGA (P)



  • Flats/shop development, Abingdon Road, W8, for Nicholas Hill (P)

  • Alterations, 2 Stewarts Grove, SW3, for D. Furlonger (B)

  • Alterations, 85 Princedale Road, W11, for Ms Katrina Allen (B)

  • Extension, 13 Roland Gardens, SW5, for Ms Zyla (P)

  • House Conversion, Waldemar Avenue, SW6, for Dr.Eltringham and Dr.Farrar (B)

  • House conversion, 17 Lamont Rd, SW10, for MGA (B)

  • 100 new houses, Manchester, for 'Urban Splash' Ltd (B)





  • Apartment, 24 Palace Court, W2, for Emilio Anchisi (B)

  • New Manse, Kensington, for Essex Unitarian Church Congregation (P)

  • The old Surgery, new house, Burford, for MGA (P)

  • Community Centre, the Ropery, Burford, for  Gaynesford Properties (P)

  • Pavilion Restaurant, Kensington High St, for MEPC (B)

  • Pavilion Restaurant and Visitor Centre, Notting Hill Gate, W11, for Notting Hill Trust (C)



  • New Art Gallery, Walsall, for Walsall City Council (C)

  • Flats, Maybury Rd, NW8, for Allied Godwin Developments Ltd. (B)

  • Private Residence, Courtfield Gardens, SW5, for H Brinkmann (B)

  • The Millennium Bridge, Greenwich Millennium Landmark Competition for Greenwich Ist Prize  with Robert Griffin, for Development Partnership (C)

  • House conversion, 5 Campden House Terrace, W8, for J Wallasey (B)

  • "Radio Clothing" Shop, W8, for Radio Clothing Ltd (P)

  • 2 new houses, Inverness Terrace, W2, for Alllied Godwin Developments Ltd (B)



  • House, 21 Holland Park Avenue,W11, for Courtney Investments Ltd (P)

  • International Glass Centre, Sunderland, for Sunderland District Council (C)

  • Development, Bayswater Road, for Graham Hedger (P)

  • Alterations,100 Bayswater Rd, for Lord Kennet (B)

  • Bridge between Canary Wharf and W India Quay, for London Docklands Development Corporation (C)

  • Essex Unitarian Church, for Essex Unitarian Congregation (E)

  • New apartment block, Crouch Hill, for M.Henshaw Associates (P)

  • Marble Arch competition, Minister for the Environment (C)

  • Gateway to Campden House Court, for Campden House Court Committee (P)

  • West London Synagogue, development, with Alexander Flinder Ashley Partnership, for W London Synagogue (B)



  • Monastery, for Samye Ling Community (C)

  • House conversion, W11, for  P. Georgiadis (P)

  • Apartment, W2, for Mr A. Dadbaj (B)

  • Halliwick Home and Hospital, North London, with Alexander Flinder Ashley Partnership, Jewish Care, for Halliwick Hospital (P)            

  • Government Buildings and Public Library, Port of Spain, with C.A. Benjamin Associates,  for the Trinidad Government (C)

  • House conversion, Kensington, for Gold/Lyhne (B)



  • New Synagogue and facilities, Newbury Park, with Robert Griffin, Aage Vallestad, for SW Essex Reform Synagogue (B)

  • 80000 sq ft Offices/shops, Glasgow, for the Lord Elphinstone/ Clydebank Merchant Developers Ltd (P)

  • Recording Studio, Holland Park, with Robert Griffin, for Simon Jeffes/ Penguin Cafe Orchestra (P)

  • Dulwich Picture Gallery competition, for Country Life/ Dulwich Picture Gallery (C)

  • Alterations, Wayland Young Pavilion, (A+P Smithson), for Lord Kennet (B)

  • Conversion of St Marks Church, Mayfair, for Hillgate House Ltd (P)

  • Chichester Car Park competition, for Council (C)



  • 200 Houses, Drayton Bridge Road, Ealing, London, for Wimpey London Ltd (P)

  • New Office Building,3 Hillgate St, London, for Hillgate House Ltd (P)

  • New penthouses for Richmond Buildings, Putney, London, for P. Spender esq. (P)

  • Conversion to apartments, 19 Camden Hill Square, for Chestertons Plc (P)

  • Offices,13 Hillgate St, London, for Hillgate House Ltd (B)

  • Conversion of 3 storey apartment, Ladbroke Gardens, for Mr and Mrs Silchenstedt (P)

  • House for Today competition, for Barratts Development Plc and AD (C)                                                     




  • Hotel, Docklands London, with Will Alsop, John Lyall, for Holiday Inn Plc (P)

  • Offices competition, with Will Alsop, John Lyall, for Epping District Counci (C)l

  • Southend Leisure Pool, with Will Alsop, John Lyall, for Southend City Council (P)

  • Conversion of 200 rm hotel to housing, Princes Square, London, for Linden Fine Arts (P)

  • Conversion.  55 Linden Gardens W2,  Hampstead, for Don Dossett (P)

  • 22 houses, Bulmer Mews, London, with C.Chassay, for Linden Fine Arts (P)

  • Chandelier, with Chassay, for Collins Plc (B)

  • Studio, 20 Russell Garden Mews, London, for P. Spender esq.(P)

  • Science laboratories building, Manchester Competition, with Julie Hill, for  Sinclair Corporation (C)



  • House for Today Competition, for the Building Centre Trust (C)

  • British Computer Graphic Arts Award, 1st prize, for Eidographics/RCA (C)

  • New Shopping Centre, Queens Walk, East Grinstead, for Gaynesford Properties (P)

  • 20 Houses, Kent House, London, for Gaynesford Properties (P)

  • Conversion to 16 apartments,53 Fitzjohns Avenue, for the Commander Family Trust (P)

  • Dolls Tower House USA 1, for Blair Murrah Exhibitions (B)

  • House, 4 Belsize Lane, London, for Linden Fine Arts (P)

  • Apartments, adjoining the ‘Schreiber House’, Hampstead, with James Gowan, for the  London Borough of Camden (P)

  • Development plan, Castlemilk Estate Glasgow, for Glasgow City Council (P)

  • Hotel, Roke, Oxfordshire, for White Horse Brewery Plc (P)

  • Conversion of Church to apartments, Hampstead, for Hillgate House Ltd (P)




  • Apartment conversion, Notting Hill Gate, for Ms Nova Galer (B)

  • ‘Manchester Now’ competition with Robert Griffin, Julie Hill, for Manchester City Council (C)

  • Grand Buildings Trafalgar Square competition, with Robert Griffin, Paul Shepheard, Bola Falase, Inga Dagfingsdottir, Jane Maclellan, Julie Hill; Consultants: Architecture, Douglas Stephen; Engineering, Anthony Hunt Associates; Services, Max Fordham;QS Hanscomb Partnership, for Trafalgar House (C)



  • La Defense International Centre of Communication Competition, Paris, with Will Alsop, John Lyall, for the City of Paris (C)

  • New Shopping Centre, Queens Walk, East Grinstead,  with Will Alsop, John Lyall, for Gaynesford Properties (P)

  • Conversion to warehouse, the Tramshed, Penge, London, for Gaynesford Properties (B)

  • House conversion, 10 Holbein Mews, London, for G. Meyer (B)

  • Blue Tower Dolls House, International Architects’ Dolls House competition, 1st prize,  for Academy Editions (B)

  • Royal Military College of Science Library, Shrivenham Wiltshire, for RMCS (C)




  • House Conversion, 24 Ellingham Rd, London, for the Hon Emily Young (B)

  • Conservatory,  Beckenham, Kent, for Linden Fine Arts (B)

  • Apartment, Sinclair Road, Hammersmith, London, for D Wynn Griffiths (B)

  • Plan for mid Jerusalem north of the Damascus Gate "The Seam", Jerusalem, for the City Engineer (P)

  • Gateway to Mecca (P) with Justina Karakiewicz, for the Corporation of the City of Mecca (P)

  • Bristol Housing competition, with Candida Harris, for Bristol City Council (P)

  • Sound Studio and Residence, Holland Park, London, for Simon Jeffes/Penguin Cafe Orchestra (B)



  • Hairdressing Salon, London,  for D Barron (P)

  • 3 Houses, Earlsmead Rd, Haringey, London, for London Borough of Haringey (B)

  • 2 Houses, Hanover Rd, Haringey, London, for London Borough of Haringeyey (B)

  • Furniture design and production, for  Greene and Greene (B)

  • Millbank Housing competition, with Marion Masheder, for the Crown Estate Commissioners (C)

  • Health Club Kensington, for D Booth Jones esq (1/2B)



  • Apartment, London, for Ms Julie Christie (B)

  • ‘Rooftops’ Housing, Covent Garden, with Edward Jones, for the Greater London Council (P)

  • Student Hostel, Covent Garden, for the Architectural Association (P)

  • Conversion to theatre, Davidstow Hall, for Footsbarn Theatre (P)       City Quay Dublin competition, with Marion Masheder, for Dublin City Council (C)

  • Housing, Roosevelt Island, New York, with Edward Jones (C)



  • Royal Mint Housing competition, with Edward Jones, for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (C)

  • Coownership block of flats, Linden Gardens W2, for Linden Grove Association ltd (B)

  • Haringey Old Persons Housing, third prize, with Edward Jones, for Haringey Borough Council (P)

  • Northampton County Hall competition, with John Jenner, Lois Pryce, Bo Helliwell, for Northamptonshire County Council (C)

  • Apartment Building for the Disabled, Milton Keynes, with John Jenner, for Habinteg, the Spastics Society and MKDC (P)



  • Coffee Hall, settlement for 3000, with Peter and Sue Barker, Lois Pryce for Milton Keynes‘ Development Corporation (B)

  • Netherfield, settlement for 3000, with Christopher Cross, Jeremy Dixon, Edward Jones, for Milton Keynes development Corporation (B)

  • Leningrad Pravda Building, model reconstruction, with Edward Jones,

  • John Eger, Madhu Sarin, Chris Clarke, Hareth Rassam, for the Arts Council of Great Britain (B)

  • 500 homes, Lambeth, at MacManus and Partners (P)

  • Runcorn Housing competition,with Edward Jones, for Runcon Development Corporation (C)

  • New street, 90 Houses, Carleton Rd, Islington, at MacManus and Partners (B)



  • Amsterdam City Hall Competition, with Edward Jones, for Gold and Jones (C)

  • Housing for 800, shops, workshops, Clipstone St, W1, London,  at MacManus and Partners, for Westminster City Council (B)

  • Prototype Housing, assistant to Michael Brawne, for Sir Keith Joseph (P)

  • Portsdown Housing competition, with Edward Jones, Paul Simpson, Michael Brawne, for Portsmouth City Council (C)

  • University College Dublin competition, for University College Dublin (C)

  • Housing at Beersheba, Israel, job leader David Shalev, for Ram Karmi Architects (P)

  • Church at Aylesham, Kent, for the Anglican Community (P)


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