A - under construction, B - completed, C - competition, P - planning stage

       2014 - 2017

  • New block of flats, Forrest Hill, SE23, for IK London Group Ltd (P)

  • New house in SW16, for IK London Group Ltd (P)

  • Development at 14 Charlotte St., W1, for EIM Ltd. (P)

  • New apartments, 10-11 Lancaster Gate, W2, for EIM Ltd. (P)

  • Holbein Mews, Chelsea, for Elaine Zhang (P)

  • Resedential Development, Merton, for London Group Ltd. (P)

  • New House, Little Dunmow, Essex, for Iqbal Khan (P)

  • Apartment modernisation, SW11, for Annalise Davis (B)

  • House modernisation, Carleton Rd, for Olaf and Lidia Haitink (B)

  • Alterations, Ash Lodge, Brondesbury, for Erin Lewis (B)

       2012 - 2009


  • Development at Cheyne Pl, for City Capital Corporation (P)

  • Care village, Little Dunmow, for Maystar Consortium Ltd (P)

  • Hotel, Mitcham, for Maystar Consortium Ltd (P)

  • Cone cafe, for Brian Balfour/MGA (P)

  • Apartments, Park Hill, Clapham, for MGA/Redmade Ltd (B)



      2007 -  2006


  • Eight houses, Vincent Square, for MGA (P)

  • Uverdale House, Uverdale Road, SW10, for MGA (P)

  • Seven new houses, East Grinstead, for Wolsey Plc/MGA (P)

  • House at Uverdale Road, SW10, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • House at Victoria Road, W10, for Sarah Dundas (B)

  • House at Crieff Road, Wandsworth, for Mr.Robson (B)

  • Mixed Development, Eel Brook Common, for MGA/SCI (P)




  • New clothes shop, Harrods, for Rachel Riley (P)

  • New Studio Building, Northcore Rd, for John Williams (P)

  • Development at Sprimont Place, SW3, for John Williams (P)

  • 2 Houses, Uverdale Rd, for Joseph Homes (P)

  • Redevelopment of the old sorting office, Chelsea Manor St, with Will Alsop (P)

  • House Redevelopment, Eaton Mews for City Capital Corporation (P)




  • Interior design, offices, Jubilee Pl, SW3, for the Shipping Floor (B)

  • Baker and Spice, Maida Vale, for Baker and Spice (B)

  • Kingsgate House flats, SW10, for MGA (P)

  • Mixed deveoplment, Radstock St, SW11, for MGA (P)

  • Mixed development, Clapham Park Rd, for MGA (P)

  • Two houses, Bemish Rd, Putney, for MGA/Heavenly Homes Ltd (P)

  • Apartments, Garrads Rd, Tooting, for Maystar Consortium Ltd (P)

  • Mixed development, Mitcham, for Maystar Consortium Ltd (P)




  • Housing, Deodar Road, SW15, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • New mews, Tadema Road SW10, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • Offices, Houses, Eel Brook Common, SW6, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • Oxpen Barn, Oxfordshire, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • Apartments, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, for MGA/SCI (P)

  • Chateau de Mazeres, France, developments, for Simon and Karen Day (B)